Children's Outpatients Clinics

With experienced children's nurses and doctors, we provide a range of clinics for children at Westgate House Children's Centre Southmead Hospital. Clinics are run by both North Bristol NHS Trust and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.

Paediatric Diabetes 
Run by Dr Burren and Dr Bowen with Paediatric diabetes specialist nurses, dietician and psychologist as members of the multidisciplinary Paediatric diabetes team. Bristol Royal Hospital for Children - Paediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism | University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (

Paediatric Respiratory
Run by Deb Marriage Nurse Consultant
For more information on the Paediatric Respiratory clinic visit

Paediatric Allergy
Run by Dr Mark Gomples, Dr Nick Sargant, Dr Anna Thursby-Pelham and specialist Nurses Myriam Kanchanatheera and Kathryn Hogarth.
For more information on the Paediatric Allergy clinic visit

Paediatric Surgery
Run by Miss McNally, Miss Bradshaw Miss Skeritt and Mr Garrett-Cox.
For more information on the Paediatric Surgery clinic visit

Paediatric Urology
Run by Mr Woodward and Mr Awad.
For more information on the Paediatric Urology clinic visit

Paediatric Renal Medicine
Run by Dr Carol Inward and Dr Jan Dudley.
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General Paediatrics
Run by Dr Sharon Lim Kong and Dr Ann Eggers.
For more information on the General Paediatrics clinic visit

Baby Vaccination Clinics
We run BCG clinics every Wednesday mornings to protect babies from TB .
We also run specialist vaccination clinics run by the NICU community team (Nikki Yeoman , Lisa Ramsey and Nazzi Farzinkia) for premature babies.
For more information on the TB Vaccine visit

Neonatology Baby Clinics with the Neonatal Consultants
For babies who've been in NICU, or need to be followed up by the neonatologist after birth.

Baby development clinics / neuro development (Neonatal Team)
For babies who needed NICU due to being unwell or very premature, this clinic is to check they are developing and passing their milestones.

Children's Venepuncture clinics (blood taking)
Run by the nurses.
We accept referrals from community doctors or GP's. We also see babies who need blood tests after birth.

Newborn screening clinics/ blood spot (Nurses)
For more information on newborn screening and blood spot visit

Children's Outpatients Clinics