Diabetes patient information

Coronavirus recommendations for patients with Addison’s disease

 You are not immunocompromised – you are on replacement dose steroids and not treatment dose. You should therefore carry on your normal dose unless you are unwell.

Eating well with diabetes whilst in hospital

Diabetes means the body can no longer control the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood. 

Healthy eating with diabetes

What you eat affects the levels of glucose and fat in your blood, your blood pressure and your weight.

How to manage your diabetes when unwell - including Coronavirus

If you have diabetes and become unwell for any reason, it is important that you follow the ‘sick day rules’. 

Hypoglycaemia: How to recognise, treat and prevent hypos

A hypo (or hypoglycaemia) occurs when your blood glucose (sugar) level drops too low. 

NHS-funded Freestyle Libre

This leaflet contains some key information for getting started with the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system. 

Staying safe on an insulin pump

Insulin pump therapy is a safe and effective way of treating diabetes.

Diabetes patient information