Young Persons’ Diabetes Service

The team acknowledges that living with diabetes can be challenging at different times of life and we aim to be non-judgemental, supportive and understanding of your choices. We understand that making changes can be difficult and challenging and offer support, guidance and patience throughout this time.

We recognise that not everyone feels that they are struggling and that challenges are different for everyone and we aim to provide a service that looks at you as an individual and your needs as an individual. 

Although we know good blood glucose control is important, we also recognise this is difficult at times. We will work with you to try and help you understand why it is high, so that you can chose to make changes that may help.

As a team we can assess how well things are going by your feedback.  We will take this seriously and encourage individual feedback at any time.

Our young person’s clinic is held on the first and third Monday of the month on the Diabetes Unit at Southmead Hospital Bristol. It starts at 13.30 and runs all afternoon.

The clinic is staffed by a Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology, a Diabetes Specialist Nurse and a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian, all of whom are experienced in working with young people.

There is also a transitional clinic held on the second Monday of the month, staffed by the same team. It is at this clinic that we meet young people transferring their care from the paediatric to adult team. We work very closely with the paediatric team ensuring a smooth transition to the adult services.

For the past two years we have held an open evening for young people with diabetes inviting speakers with interests in sport, travelling who also have diabetes. We aim to make this an annual event.

The team

Dr Fong Chau                       
Diabetes and Endocrinologist
Secretary telephone: 0117 4146419

Dr Vernon Parfitt   
Diabetes and Endocrinologist

Professor Bingley

Deborah Stern
Diabetes Specialist Nurse
Telephone: 0117 4146414