Endocrine Surgery Outpatient Clinic

The Endocrine Surgery outpatient clinic takes place at Gate 24, Level 1, Brunel building, Southmead Hospital, Bristol on a Wednesday afternoon.

When you arrive at the main entrance of the Brunel building, you will need to scan in the bar code on your letter. You will then be guided to the waiting area outside the clinic. Please take a seat and keep an eye on the screens which will tell you where you need to go.

During your clinic appointment, you will meet Mr Justin Morgan, Miss Anusha Edwards or a member of their team. 

Immediately following your Endorince Surgery outpatient clinic appointment you may need to:

  1. Have blood tests
  2. Complete a form about your general health if surgery is planned
  3. Attend the pre-operative assessment clinic to ensure that you are fit for surgery. This may or may not take place on the same day as your clinic appointment.

If you require any other investigations or a vocal cord check, you will be sent an appointment for these on a separate day. We realise that many of our patients have to travel a long distance to see us. If this is the case, please remind us and we will endeavour to perform as many of these investigations on the same day to reduce the number of visits to the hospital that you need to make.

Following clinic, we will dictate a letter to the doctor who referred you to us. We will send you a copy of this letter to remind you of what we talked about.

Endocrine Surgery

Outpatient Clinc
Gate 24, Level 1, Brunel building

Pre Op Assessment Clinic
Gate 36, Level 1, Brunel building

Ultrasound Scan
Gate 18, Level 1, Brunel building

Gate 19, Level 1, Brunel building

Vocal Cord Check
Gate 36, Level 1, Brunel building

Gate 21, Level 3, Brunel building

Gate 5, Level 1, Brunel building

Southmead Hospital
BS10 5NB

Endocrine Surgery Outpatient Clinic