X-rays are a type of radiation. They're similar sources of energy to light. However, light has a much lower frequency than X-rays and is absorbed by your skin. X-rays have a higher frequency and pass through the human body.

Having an X-Ray
As X-rays pass through your body, energy particles called photons are absorbed at different rates. This pattern shows up on the X-ray images.

The parts of your body made up of dense material, such as bone, show up as clear white areas on an X-ray image. The softer parts, such as your heart and lungs, show up as darker areas. NHS Choices provides some useful information on what to expect when attending for an X-ray.

The Imaging department provides a number of X-ray services within North Bristol NHS Trust in both the Hospital and Community setting.

If you have an appointment letter from North Bristol NHS Trust, please check in using the self check-in kiosks before proceeding to Gate 18.

GP X-Ray appointment
If your GP has asked you to attend for an X-Ray in most cases they will have made the request electronically and you will not need to bring a request form with you.

From Monday 27 July 2020 you will be required to contact our appointment line to agree a location and time for your X-Ray.

X-Ray Imaging can be provided at:
Cossham Hospital - Monday to Friday 8,15am - 4.30pm
Southmead Hospital, Brunel Building, Gate 18 - Monday to Friday 8.15am - 7.30pm
Yate West Gate Centre - Monday to Friday 8.30am - 7.30pm and Saturday/Sunday 10.30am - 5.30pm
North Somerset Community Hospital, Clevedon - Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and Saturday/ Sunday 10.30am - 5.30pm


X-ray appointments

Cossham, Southmead and Yate appointments
Telephone: 0117 414 5175 (Monday - Friday 8:45am - 4.15pm)

Clevedon appointments
Telephone:01275 342 571(Monday - Friday 8.45am - 4.15pm)