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Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Specialist Dietitian -  Vicky Jane

Patients will be seen routinely if diagnosed with Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer. If you have not yet received support and would like to speak to us, then please use the self-referral form below.

Macmillan Specialist Dietitian -  Abi Nickless

Dietetic clinics are run throughout the week to support individuals with nutritional concerns following a cancer diagnosis. This service offers the opportunity for people to self-refer, or to be professionally referred for 1:1 nutritional guidance from an HCPC registered Oncology Specialist Dietitian.

Referrals are accepted at any stage following a cancer diagnosis, however if we are unable to support your nutritional needs, in some cases your GP may be able to direct you to another service in your area.

At present we are able to support individuals with the following urgent nutritional concerns:

  • Coping with a poor appetite, or unintentional weight loss
  • Urgent nutritional support for cancer/treatment related side-effects
  • Altered texture diets due to swallowing difficulty
  • Making dietary changes as a result of cancers affecting the digestive tract
  • Managing weight following completion of cancer treatment – acceptance criteria will apply
  • Specialist support for individuals with an upper gastrointestinal cancer
  • Eating well to support your health for the future

A variety of support options may be available including; face to face appointments (if safe and appropriate to do so), video calls, and telephone support. Self-referral forms are available online, or from the NGS Macmillan Wellbeing Centre.


Telephone Contact: 0117 414 5550

MWBC Nutrition