Cancer Nutrition Leaflets

Forms, Booklets and Leaflets

You can get physical copies of these booklets and leaflets from the Macmillan Wellbeing Centre based at Southmead Hospital. Please come and visit.


Referral Forms:

Self-referral form

Professional referral form 


Eating well:

Healthy Eating and Cancer – Macmillan Healthy eating and cancer

Healthy Eating – British Dietetic Association Healthy eating 

Healthy Snacks – British Dietetic Association Healthy snacks


Difficulty with eating:

Eating Problems and Cancer – Macmillan Eating problems and cancer

Building Up Diet – Macmillan The build up diet


Weight management after cancer treatment:

Managing Weight Gain After Cancer Treatment – Macmillan  Managing weight gain

Weight loss - British Dietetic Association  Weight loss advice

Portion sizes - British Dietetic Association Portion sizes


Cancer Nutrition Leaflets