Physiotherapy Useful Links

Online help and local community support to help manage your symptoms.

Get U Better App for musculoskeletal injuries

A free app containing advice, exercises and support to help manage common musculoskeletal injuries. Register for the service here and then download the app to your smartphone.

Local support services for musculoskeletal injuries

Download this Musculoskeletal (MSK) self-help information directory with information on local services that aim to support you to reduce pain and improve functionality.

Advice from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has advice, guidance and exercises to help manage your pain.

Living well with rheumatology conditions

This directory has useful information and resources for patients with rheumatology conditions.

Information on pelvic, obstetric & gynaecological physiotherapy

These webpages have health advice for patients who need pelvic, obstetric & gynaecological physiotherapy.

The Bladder & Bowel Community

The Bladder & Bowel Community help support the millions of people in the UK who are living with conditions that affect their bladder or bowel.

Mental Health resources

Looking after your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Here is a directory of local mental health services.

Physiotherapy Useful Links