Immunology and Allergy Centre

Adult Clinics

We run regular clinics on Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons, and Friday all day.
Also twice monthly anaesthetic/drug allergy specialist clinic on Friday mornings.
The clinics are located at Level 1, Gate 36 Brunel, Southmead Hospital.
Clinics cover both Allergy and Immunology referrals.


  • Allergy desensitization/Omalizumab injections - mainly based at Level 1, Gate 36 alongside the Tuesday/Thursday/Friday clinics.
  • Immunology Daycases e.g. Immunoglobulin infusions – in the shared / hospital day-case unit Level 1, at Gate 5.

Food/Other Challenges

  • Pre-arranged challenges are performed in the shared/hospital day-case unit Level 1 Gate 5 or at Level 1 Gate 36.

New Referrals


N.B. Paediatric Allergy cases are generally seen at The Bristol Children's Hospital (Respiratory Medicine Department) - 0117 3428258


Updated 13/05/2019