My Medical Record supported self-management and remote monitoring

My Medical Record is a free and secure website where you can access information about your post cancer treatment follow-up. It is currently available to a limited number of cancer specialties at North Bristol NHS Trust.
The website enables you to self-manage your follow-up care from home, and allow your cancer support team to remotely monitor your test results and provide support. In many cases this will reduce the number of outpatient appointments you need to attend at the hospital. You will be invited by a member of your cancer support team to access My Medical Record at an appropriate point in your pathway. 

How to sign up

When appropriate, your Consultant or Clinical Nurse Specialist will refer you to have your follow-up remotely monitored by the cancer support team. You will then be introduced to the My Medical Record website and offered access.

To register for My Medical Record you will need to provide an email address and telephone number.

If you are already registered on My Medical Record, please visit:

My medical record ( 

My Medical Record offers:

  • Information and support to help you to self-manage during your follow up.
  • A plan for the ongoing tests you need.
  • The ability for you and your cancer support team to monitor your test results remotely.
  • Secure online access to letters associated with your follow-up plan.
  • A way to securely message your cancer support team.
  • Access from any web-enabled device, at any time.
  • Access to reliable information about your condition, such as websites, apps, videos, leaflets and support groups.

What if I do not have access to the internet?

If you do not have internet access or an email address, you may decide to allow a family member or friend to help you access the system or log in on your behalf. You must get their consent to do this as we will store their email address and telephone number with your details.

Looking after your password

The information in My Medical Record is confidential and personal to you. You should protect your access details and password in the same way you would for other online services.

My Medical Record is owned and operated by University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and is licensed for use by NBT.

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My Medical Record supported self-management and remote monitoring