Burns Outpatient Follow Up Clinic

Burns Outpatient follow up Clinic is situated in the main Atrium at Gate 24, Sub wait area rooms 1 to 20, Level 1, Brunel building.

Check in is located as you enter the Atrium, from the main entracne, on the right hand side.

You are required to scan the bar code on your letter which automatically tells the clinic that you have arrived. Please take a seat in the waiting area outside the Sub wait area and watch the screen for your name to appear. Once your name has appeared make your way to the location shown on the screen.

Burns clinic offers appointments on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

The clinic is generally for patients who are almost healed or having long term follow up with the burns service.

The clinic offers a:

  • facility for minor dressing changes
  • review by a Burns Consultant or Registrar
  • review by the Scar Management Service if required
  • review by the Physiotherapist or Burns Specialist Nurse if required.

It is likely that during your consultation a Physiotherapist and/or Specialist nurse will be present.