Burns Patient Information

BiobraneTM Dressing

BIOBRANE is a flexible “temporary skin cover” used to protect the wound and help it to heal. It allows the body to believe the skin is not damaged.

Burns Injury: The next step

Following your burn injury, there is a lot of background information that will help you progress in your healing.

Burns Psychology Service

Experiencing a burn injury does not just affect a person’s skin – it can influence how a person thinks and feels.

Eating well after a burn injury

A burn injury may increase your body’s metabolic rate and nutrients may be lost from your burn wound. 

Enzymatic Debridement With NexoBrid

NexoBrid is an enzyme which targets and dissolves dead tissue called eschar, which is caused by a burn.

How to manage your facial burn injury at home

Following your facial burn injury the aim is to promote healing and comfort, minimize the risk of infection, restore facial function and to minimize the risk of scarring.

Information for Adult Patients & Relatives/Carers

We want to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. Here are a few things you, your family, carers or visitors may find useful.

Scar Treatment

At some stage and dependent on the progression of your wound healing, you may need to see one of the occupational therapists from the scar management team.

Skin Grafts and Donor Sites Following a Burn Injury

A skin graft is the transfer of healthy skin from one part of the body to replace the burn wound.

Burns Patient Information