Patient activated monitoring

What is a patient activated monitor?

The monitor is a small patch that will monitor your heart rate and heart rhythm. It will be fitted on upper left side of your chest, and you wear it as the referring doctor requested. This could be from 72 hours up to 14 days.

Why do I need to have this test?

Your doctor has requested that you have this simple non-invasive test in order to monitor your heartbeat for the required time.

Preparing for the test

What should I wear when I attend my test?

It is helpful to wear clothing that makes it easy to access your chest. A t-shirt, shirt, or blouse would be best.

What happens during the test?

You will receive instructions on how to use the monitor, how to log in your symptoms, and how to return the monitor from the technician during your appointment. You should carry out normal daily activities while wearing the patch. 

For the first 24 hours the patch is not waterproof. After the first 24 hour period you can have showers.

Will I experience any discomfort or side effects?

On rare occasions patients can experience an allergic reaction to the patch. If this happened, the patch can be removed. 

After the test

What happens after the test?

After the designated time you will remove the patch by yourself as instructed, and post it with the diary logbook in the prepaid box for the analysis. Make sure that the box is well sealed. The technician will show you how to do this at your appointment.  

When/how will I receive the results of the test?

The results will be passed onto the doctor who requested the test. You are usually told the results at your next clinic appointment or a letter may be sent to your GP.

What will happen if I do not want to have this test?

If you do not have this test we will not be able to pass important diagnostic information to the doctors. This may affect the medical treatment that you receive.

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Patient activated monitoring