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ICU Follow Up Clinic

When you are discharged from hospital after being critically ill, there will be a period of physical, mental and emotional recovery that will likely take some time. We feel it is important to ensure you are not alone during this. 

Our follow up clinic aims to provide somewhere for you and your family to be supported through this journey after hospital. All patients admitted to NBT ICU are entitled to attend our follow up clinic, however, as one of the largest ICUs in the country we treat on average 250 patients a month.  As you can appreciate this creates a huge volume of potential visitors to our follow up clinic.  For us to manage these numbers there are certain patient groups we will actively contact, based on their length of stay and condition. That doesn’t mean we don’t welcome everyone else, but instead, ask that you contact us via our email address if you feel the need to discuss your time with us in ICU, we’d love to hear from you. 

For those who we actively contact, we aim to get in touch approximately 8 weeks after being discharged from hospital. We ask you to complete a health questionnaire allowing us to gain more information about how you are getting on post discharge. Once completed and returned to the Follow up Clinic, a member of the team will contact you to discuss the questionnaire in more detail and establish whether you would benefit from more input. In this instance, you will be invited back to the hospital for a face-to-face or virtual meeting with the team, where we will aim to establish any current issues and attempt to assist you in dealing with these or signpost you to support available.    

In addition to hearing how your recovery is going, we are also really keen to gather feedback from relatives and patients about their stay, and what we can do to improve future patients experiences.

Useful links

Home - ICUsteps: There are fact sheets about what to expect after an ICU admission, and patient stories. 

Intensive care: Patients' experiences - Overview ( Real life patients talking about their experiences in ICU.


We accept referrals from wards, other clinics and patients themselves. We offer face to face, virtual or telephone clinics. 

Please contact to arrange an appointment or refer a patient.

For other general queries, please contact the individuals listed in the team via their Trust email.

ICU Follow Up Clinic