ICU Team

Whilst on our intensive care unit, patients are cared for by a specialist multi-disciplinary team of over 300 staff including 24 ICM consultants, junior doctors, specialty consultants and their juniors, nursing staff, physiotherapists, dieticians, pharmacists and occupational therapists.

ICU team






Our Consultants

Dr Jules Brown
Dr Kristina Birch
Dr Lorna Burrows
Dr David Campbell
Dr Kate Crewdson
Dr Keith Davies
Dr Deborah Harris
Dr Tim Hooper
Dr Dominic Janssen
Dr Claire Jewkes
Professor David Lockey
Dr Clinton Lobo
Dr Alex Manara
Dr Aidan Marsh - Specialty Lead for ICU
Dr Chris Newell
Dr Caroline Oliver
Dr Stephen Robinson
Dr Reston Smith
Dr Jas Soar
Dr Ian Thomas
Dr Matt Thomas
Dr Julian Thompson
Dr Ben Walton
Dr Gareth Wrathall

Senior Nursing Staff

Dominique Duma - Lead Nurse for Critical Care and Deputy Head of Nursing for ASCR Division
Kate Allchorne
Julian Brown
Sally Kelly
Sara Millin
Chris Mills
Mike Puckey
Rachael Smith
Alison Spencer

ICU Education Team

Kim Harries
Rich Hopkins
Rob McGuiness

Allied Health Professionals

Zoe Stone - Clinical Lead Physiotherapist
Susan Harrison - ICU Physiotherapy Team Leader
Andy Parsons - Highly Specialised Intensive Care and Theatres Pharmacist
Amanda Varey - Intensive Care Pharmacist
Dr Stephen Taylor - Research Dietitian
Kaylee Allan - Critical Care Dietitian
Claire Downer - Critical Care Dietitian