NICU Fingerprint Access Control

We offer parents the opportunity of signing up for having fingerprint access to our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Being the first Trust in the South West to introduce this biometric technology, the fingerprint access will enable you to come and see your baby whenever you wish without needing to wait for the door to the unit to be opened by a member of our staff, allowing you unrestricted access to your baby.

The fingerprint access is an electronic device which scans and captures a digital image of your fingerprint patterns. When your finger is put on the scanning area, a digital image of fingerprint patterns is read by the sensor. A biometric template is generated which is then stored in a database.

The image of the fingerprint taken by the biometric system is only recognisable by the system itself and would only be able to generate information such as check-in times. It is very near impossible to recreate a fingerprint and no risk to their identity if there were a data breach.

We do kindly ask all parents to ensure they do not let anyone else onto the unit. All our members of staff wear badges and will not be offended if you ask to see it.

To sign up to NICU fingerprint access control, please speak to a member of the NICU team.

NICU Fingerprint Access Control