Neuropathology Laboratory Services

The Neuropathology laboratory offers a UKAS accredited service for the diagnosis of neuropathological specimens.

For a full list of the staining and immunochemistry techniques available download PDF icon Neuropathology staining and immunochemistry techniques.pdf

To make a referral to the department download  PDF icon Neuropathology Request - NP-MGT-FM-011.pdf

To make a muscle biopsy request download PDF icon Muscle biopsy Booking Form NP-MGT-FM-039v2.pdf

The department works with the Severn Pathology Genetics Department to offer a fully integrated report service for surgical patients. To see full details of this, please visit the Severn Pathology website.

For further information download:

Microsoft Office document icon Quality Manual NP-QM-POL-003v17.doc

PDF icon Neuropathology User Manual NP-QM-POL-002v11.pdf

PDF icon General Guidelines for Sending a Muscle Biopsy - NP-MGT-FM-021v2.pdf

PDF icon General Guidelines for Sending A Nerve Biopsy - NP-MGT-FM-022v2.pdf

Microsoft Office document icon Neuropathology Antibody List NP-MGT-FM-046v1.doc