Outlook Service

We are a service offering specialist psychological support to people within with appearance concerns, unusual appearances or visible differences.

People may experience appearance concerns for a number of reasons. This may include as a result of:

  • Congenital appearance concerns e.g. birthmarks, chromosome disorders
  • Health conditions such as vitiligo, alopecia
  • Trauma – after accidents or treatments causing changes to someone’s appearance e.g. scars, burns

I think I’m being silly about a small blemish but I really hate the way it looks. Can I gain some support from Outlook?

When it comes to appearance, we understand that it’s not the size or the visibility of the difference that matters: research has shown that there is hardly any relationship between the size, location or extent of a different appearance and the level of distress it can cause. So a small appearance difference can leave someone very distressed, whereas you may know someone who has a larger, more easily visible difference but doesn’t seem worried about their appearance. So yes, you can gain some support from Outlook.

If you want to give us feedback

We really value feedback from all clients who access the service and we will ask people at the end of their time with us to complete an anonymous feedback form.