Outlook Team

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Service lead

Dr Nick Ambler

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Vera Fixter

Picture of James Kiff

Clinical Psychologist

Dr James Kiff

Picture of Dr Natalie Stott

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Natalie Stott

Assistant Psychologist

James Warren

Lead Administrator

Shelley O’Callaghan


Susan Lovell

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The admin office is staffed Monday to Thursday 9am to 3pm. Outside of these times please leave a message or email us and we will get back to you. 

Outlook & Clinical Health Psychology
Office 3, Gate 38, Level 3
Brunel building
Southmead Hospital
Southmead Road
BS10 5NB

Telephone: 0117 4144888
E-mail: PsychologyOutlookAppearanceTeam@nbt.nhs.uk



Outlook Team