Breast Reconstruction Medical Tattooing Clinic

The Medical Tattooing Clinic is run by the Breast Reconstruction Nursing Team who are qualified in 2D and 3D tattooing following nipple and areola reconstruction using semi-permanent pigments.

The 3D tattooing creates an appearance of an areola and nipple for patients who do not wish to have a reconstruction of the nipple.

The whole process of tattooing takes about an hour and we use a local anaesthetic cream on the area first. You will require a minimum of up to 3 treatments, which are booked 6 weeks apart to allow the pigment to settle into your skin.

As we use semi-permanent pigments the pigment will fade over time and you and you may require a top up at a later day.

Please be aware that the tattooing needles contain nickel and the pigments are oxides based. If you think that you may be allergic to these produces we can offer you a patch test which need to be undertaken 24 hours before.

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Breast Reconstruction Medical Tattooing Clinic