Breast Reconstruction Pre-Operative Assessment

We want to ensure that you are as fit as possible for surgery before being admitted on your operation day and that you are also well informed and know what to expect.

We will give you information about coming into hospital and allow you and your family time to ask any questions you have about your surgery.

You should allow up to two hours for your visit, although the time you will spend with us will depend on your medical history and how many tests are needed.

You will be given a questionnaire to complete about contact details for yourself and your relatives. You will then have your

  • blood pressure checked
  • pulse checked
  • height checked
  • weight checked
  • your nostrils and groins swabbed for MRSA.

You may have an ECG (Electro-Cardiograph) which takes a trace of your heart as well as bloods taken.

The nurse will assess you by going through the questionnaire with you and asking further questions. This assessment also includes checking your medication and advising you about any tablets you need to stop before your surgery.

Please make sure that you bring an up to date prescription or your medications with you.

The assessment helps us to understand your health situation and decide if further tests are needed to make sure you are fit for your surgery. You will also be given some information leaflets – please do read them carefully when you get home.

We will let you know what you need to bring into hospital, what to expect whilst you are an inpatient; how the surgery is performed and post-operative care that you will receive.

You will also be given instruction on what you can and cannot do once you get home so that you can arrange support for you and your family whilst you recover. Following major breast reconstruction surgery you will have to restrict all normal activities for up to six weeks after your surgery. You may need to ask for help from family and friends.

As a breast reconstruction patient we wil discuss the Enhanced Recovery Programme (ERP) which involves you drinking specific drinks before and after surgery.

Contact Plastic Surgery Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Nurse Practitioner
Caroline Oates
Telephone: 0117 4148700

Breast Reconstruction Nurse
Caroline Lewis
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Breast Reconstruction Secretary
Wendy Rodman
Telephone: 0117 4147633

Waiting List Co-ordinater
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Plastic Surgery Gate 33a 
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Out of office hours, Weekends and Bank Holidays:

Out of office hours (Monday to Friday 17:30 - 07:30)
Contact NHS
Telephone: 111 for Urgent medical attention and advice

Weekends and Bank Holidays (08:30 - 16:00)
Contact the Trauma Coordinator
Telephone: 0117 4148300

Breast Reconstruction Pre-Operative Assessment