Breast Reconstruction Physiotherapy Classes

We want to prepare you as much as possible before surgery.

Before surgery

Prior to surgery you will be taught how to perform strengthening abdominal exercises. The aim of these exercises is to strengthen the blood vessels which supply the abdominal muscles. These vessels are used during your surgery and there is thought that by strengthening them you have improved outcomes and a quicker recovery.

The class will also allow the team to advise you of your future journey, teach you breathing exercises to perform after your operation and how to get out of bed.

After surgery

The post-operative class is available for ladies at least 8 weeks after their operation. This gives time for the abdomen to sufficiently heal before commencing abdominal exercises.

Not all women feel a weakness in their abdomen long term but with any surgery the abdominal muscles can become weak. This class aims to teach you a progressive exercise programme for your abdominal muscles as well as check your progress with regards to shoulder movements.

The ward Physiotherapist will have taught you shoulder exercises prior to being discharged home.

These classes are made possible by Keeping Abreast.

Breast Reconstruction Physiotherapy Classes