WAMS Assessment Clinic

Your first appointment will be at Southmead Hospital, Bristol where you will meet with the Consultant and Dietitian for an initial assessment. As a result, please plan to be at the hospital for approximately two hours. Some people may require an assessment with our Psychologist, which will be done at a later date.

The assessment will focus on understanding how your weight is impacting on you and consider your motivation and commitment to change. We will also check that you have no reversible medical cause of obesity, or other medical problems that need treatment. Further tests may be arranged as necessary.

Following this assessment, we will discuss options with you and if appropriate we will arrange for you to attend sessions around emotional eating and/ or nutrition. The sessions are usually in groups but individual sessions with a psychologist and/or dietitian can be provided if there is a reason groups are not suitable.

At the end of six months, you will be reassessed by the Consultant. At this time we will discuss with you your options, which may include:

  • Being discharged from the service
  • Being offered a further 6 months of lower level support from us
  • Referral to the Tier 4 Bariatric service for weight loss surgery. Referral for surgery can only be made if all the team are in agreement regarding your readiness for surgery; you have made relevant behavioural changes and met your 5% weight loss target.

The results of your reassessment will be sent to your GP and/or the Tier 4 Bariatric service if we agree to refer you there.

If you have not met the 5% weight loss target, reasons for this will be explored with you. If there are other medical or psychological reasons which mean you are not ready or able to engage, this will be discussed with you and the information sent to your GP.

If you are unable to attend an appointment or group session please let us know. If you do not let us know then you will be discharged from the service and a letter will be sent to notify you and your GP.

WAMS Assessment Clinic