Psychology Individual Appointments

Following your initial assessment, you may be offered individual appointments with a psychologist. These appointments may be prior to a group, in place of a group, or following your attendance at the group. You will be included in these decisions so that you receive appropriate support.

A psychologist can help you to better understand your concerns that may be contributing to your difficulty losing weight and maintaining long-term weight loss. Many people find they have an emotional relationship with food or have simply built up unhelpful habits over time which can be difficult to change. Any individual appointments with psychology will focus on these issues, and aim to help you build alternative ways of coping.

Additionally, there are other services across the region that can provide psychological therapy and we may suggest that you contact them for additional support. This therapy could be an alternative (or more appropriate) source of support to our service, or it could be provided alongside it, depending on your needs. In some cases we may suggest that your GP provides your referral. We will discuss these options with you, if they are appropriate.