Home Haemodialysis

Home HaemodialysisNorth Bristol NHS Trust has 30 years experience in caring for patients having home haemodialysis treatment.

We provide home installations, patient training, technical and nursing support.

Providing access to home haemodialysis allows patients to have haemodialysis treatments including nocturnal and daily haemodialysis and the associated improved medical outcomes for these patients.

Home haemodialysis provides excellent benefits to patients and their families. Patients have improved health and quality of life outcomes and it enables them to participate fully in family life.

Benefits of Home Haemodialysis:

  • Ability to dialyse more frequently than is possible in hospitals or satellite units
  • Beneficial clinical outcomes including improved blood pressure control, reduced medication and the ability to live a more normal life

Flexibility of when and how often to dialyse, greater freedom to work, a more enjoyable diet and feeling better emotionally and physically.

For more information, please download the Kidney Care UK patient information leaflet.

Call 0117 414 8004 or email renalcommunityteam@nbt.nhs.uk if this is something that interests you.


I have the freedom to dialyse when I want, I am not tied to time slots. I feel so much better now and can spend time with my children, I can collect them from school and don’t have to ask others. I have time for myself and nocturnal dialysis allows us to sit down and eat together as a family and I don’t have to worry about what food to eat.

Yatasha, aged 36

Home Haemodialysis