Renal Patient Information

Clinical Psychology Service for Renal & Transplant Patients

For many people, having chronic kidney health problems is a difficult experience to face.

Haemodialysis fistula or graft access

This leaflet tells you about the operation to make a fistula for haemodialysis treatment and how to protect your fistula/graft after surgery. 

Looking after yourself whilst you are receiving kidney treatment

Living with a long term health condition can have an impact on your emotional wellbeing.

Mycophenolate and pregnancy: Information for men and women

Mycophenolate is widely prescribed to prevent transplant rejection as well as other auto-immune diseases.

New Onset Diabetes After Transplant (NODAT)

This leaflet is designed to help you understand the diagnosis of NODAT (New Onset Diabetes After Transplant), a condition experienced by some people after having a kidney transplant.

Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Insertion

The peritoneum is a natural membrane that lines the organs in the abdomen (tummy area). 

Renal Patient Information