Renal Patient Information

Clinical Psychology Service for Renal & Transplant Patients

For many people, having chronic kidney health problems is a difficult experience to face.

Looking after yourself whilst you are receiving kidney treatment

Living with a long term health condition can have an impact on your emotional wellbeing.

New Onset Diabetes After Transplant (NODAT)

This leaflet is designed to help you understand the diagnosis of NODAT (New Onset Diabetes After Transplant), a condition experienced by some people after having a kidney transplant.

Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Insertion

Information for patients on the placement of a Tenckhoff catheter in the abdomen.

Diet for a poor appetite - information for kidney patients (Nutrition & Dietetics)

Nutrition advice for kidney patients who have a poor appetite or who have lost weight.

The importance of eating well in hospital - information for kidney patients (Nutrition & Dietetics)

Information for kidney patients who may be at risk of malnutrition or have a small appetite at the moment.

Renal Patient Information