Shared Haemodialysis Care

Shared CareWhen you are told you have a long term condition such as kidney disease and need dialysis, you can feel that you have lost control, particularly as treatment requires so many changes to your life.

Whilst we are used to having our healthcare provided, we often have a more positive outlook, feel better and more in control when we are involved in our own care. Evidence gathered from dialysis patients who have participated in their own care, show that they:

  • Understand their treatment and condition
  • Gain confidence
  • Feel better in themselves

What does Shared Care mean for me?

It can mean doing as much or as little as you want for yourself, supported by the nurses. As you gain confidence you may choose to learn more skills whilst remaining on a dialysis unit.
You may find that you want to dialyse more independently, in which case you could:

  • Do your dialysis at home
  • You could go to Cossham Self Care unit. This unit offers more independence than our other dialysis units can offer as it

You can participate in as much of your care as you want. This can include anything from taking your blood pressure, setting up the dialysis machine to starting, monitoring and finishing your dialysis.

What are the benefits?

  • More control over your treatment
  • Possible reduction in waiting time
  • Become an expert in your condition and treatment
  • Increased confidence
  • Learn to a stage of your choice
  • A stepping stone to home dialysis or Cossham Self Care unit
  • Confidence when having holiday dialysis

What if you decide Shared Care dialysis isn’t for you?

Not a problem!

Shared Care dialysis isn’t for everyone and if it is not your preference, the dialysis nurses will continue to carry out your treatment.

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Shared Haemodialysis Care