Foundation Phase Online Course

We normally offer patients the opportunity to take part in a pair of meetings called the “Foundation Phase” seminars. This short course has a number of aims, including:

• clarifying the symptoms of ME/CFS
• exploring in depth some of the key ME/CFS self-management areas
• sharing coping strategies between patients coming to the seminars
• finding ways of reducing the impact of the condition

The seminars have been developed with a lot of patient involvement and feedback, and each seminar we run involves sharing knowledge and experience which patients have already developed.

We had to stop offering these seminars in March 2020 to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection, so we have put together this short online course, so that people can still access the ideas from the Foundation Phase seminars.

The first seminar is split into two parts. The first part clarifies the symptoms, consequences and triggers. The second part looks at activity management, particularly as a way of managing post-exertional malaise.

The second seminar is split into two parts as well. The first part is a short introduction to the impact of stress and the role of stress management. The second part is longer and focusses on sleep management.

We have made the workbooks which support these seminars available as a written guide, which you can choose to read by selecting the "Foundation Phase written guide" from the left hand menu. There is also an example of an activity diary available, and some guidance about completing an activity diary, which you can read by choosing the "Bristol M.E. Service: Activity, Rest and Sleep Diary" from the left hand menu.

Foundation session 1 part 1 

Foundation session 1 part 2 

Foundation session 2 part 1 

Foundation session 2 part 2 



Foundation Phase Online Course