ME/CFS Useful Resources

This list of books, web pages and other resources have been suggested by our patients and clinicians.
There are many books available, and we have selected a few that we think are well-written and helpful. However, we also know that some people prefer different styles of writing and different approaches. We have written a summary of each book to give you an idea of the content. You should be able to request these books from your local library.


Fighting Fatigue: Managing the Symptoms of CFS/ME (2009)
Authors: Sue Pemberton and Catherine Berry
Publisher: Hammersmith Press Limited
ISBN: 9781905140282

This book offers straightforward and specific expert advice, accompanied by real life stories, on managing different aspects of everyday life that can affect M.E./CFS. Written by a healthcare professional and a person with M.E./CFS, they understand the way fatigue affects concentration and therefore break their guidance into easy-to-follow steps that can be worked through at the reader's own pace.

Coping Better With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for CFS/ME (2009)
Authors: Bruce Fernie and Gabrielle Murphy
Publisher: Karnac Books
ISBN: 9781855755376
This book is written to help patients to develop and apply new insights into overcoming some of their specific symptoms as well as coping with M.E./CFS, both during the course of their therapy and afterwards. It provides a structure and framework for understanding M.E./CFS and its effects as well as practical approached to help address some of the symptoms.


Action for ME
Action for ME’s website provides lots of information about CFS/ME including advice about benefits, welfare and employment rights, local resources, and information booklets you can download. We have worked closely with Action for ME to develop a self-management guide called Pacing for People with M.E. which can be downloaded free from this webpage:

The M.E. Association is a medical charity providing information about M.E./CFS and funding research. They offer a wide range of information leaflets.

The British Association for Clinicians in M.E./CFS (BACME) 
BACME is a multidisciplinary organisation which promotes and support the delivery of evidenced based treatment for children, young people and adults with M.E./CFS throughout the UK. BACME have written a Therapy Guide and a Symptom Management Guide, based on clinician expertise, patient experience and the best available evidence, and both are free to download from their website.

Access to Work
An Access to Work grant can pay for practical support if you have a disability, health or mental health condition to help you:

  • start working
  • stay in work
  • move into self-employment or start a business

North Bristol NHS Trust Pain Service website has a page on useful books, and another page on web links, which may be useful for people with CFS/ME that is causing significant pain


This app was designed to help people with M.E./CFS track and monitor their daily activity levels. A user picks from four activity grades, and can then record each personal activity (in terms of energy level) on a daily calendar and graph. The app analyses patterns in personal energy levels. Notes can be added in an ‘Energy diary’. Activity patterns can be reviewed, and standards set. Allows the user to develop a daily baseline of energy levels, suitable for increasing in regular steps. Weekly charts can be emailed in PDF (perhaps to a doctor, or to a carer). The app costs £1.49.

NHS Information

NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) Guideline for M.E./CFS
This guideline is about the care of people with M.E./CFS in the NHS in England and Wales. The booklet explains guidance (advice) from NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence). It is written for people with M.E./CFS, and parents or carers of people with the condition. It may also be useful for other family members or for anyone with an interest in CFS/ME. 

NHS Choices
An overview of M.E./CFS and its management.

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ME/CFS Useful Resources