This is M.E. Communication Guide

Developed in partnership with Action for M.E. this new resource aims to help you get the right sort of support from paid carers and other professionals working with you. It could also be adapted for use in employment and educational settings.

It offers a brief explanation of ME/CFS and its impact, some checklists that you can use to show how ME/CFS affects you, and what helps you to manage this. Our aim is that this will save you time and energy when you get a new carer or other support professional.

We have included a list of common symptoms and space for you to indicate their impact on your:

  • mobility
  • concentration and memory
  • hearing and eyesight
  • sensitivity to light and noise
  • communication
  • sleep
  • personal care
  • diet and medication.

It also supports you to explain really clearly how you need to manage your activity and your daily routine.

You can download this resource below as a Word document that you can edit on your computer and print out, or print it out and write on it. We are grateful to the members of Bristol Sight Loss Council who have reviewed the document and confirmed that it is accessible for screen reader users.

This is M.E. Communication Guide