Employment with Fatigue and Pain Online Course

We have developed these two video guides to managing employment issues to support people who:

  • are finding it difficult to maintain their current work
  • are off work at present, and are looking to return to work
  • are not currently employed but who want to explore employment options in the future 

The guides are designed to help to you consider a range of approaches which can be helpful, but we hope that you will discuss any issues which you want help with, at your next appointment with us.

We have also added two worksheets which you can download and complete, which may help you to manage employment-related issues. They include:

Positive health statement which can be used to prepare for employment-related meetings.

Long term employment goal sheet which can help to identify the "stepping stones" that can be used to make progress with a longer term goal.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has useful information about employment issues, for example on computer screen use, also known as Display Screen Equipment, or DSE.

The HSE also offer guidance about working from home.


Employment with fatigue and pain online course part 1

Employment with fatigue and pain online course part 2


Using a Challenges, Needs, Solutions, Resources employment analysis

To start with, list the ways in which your condition interacts with any  aspects of your working life. These are the "Challenges".

Next, list what you really need in order to overcome each challenge. These needs are not the detailed, specific solutions, but they describe the kind of changes that might need to happen: a "broad brush" approach. These are the "Needs".

Next write down the detailed, specific actions that might address those needs: these are the "Solutions".

Finally, list what help you might need: what personal or organisational resources do you have access to? Perhaps there are things that it would help to find out? These are the "Resources".

Here is a worked example:

Challenge: "Commuting in rush hour is exhausting and takes so much energy from my working day."

Need: "I need to manage how I spend my energy differently throughout each working day."

Solution: "Change my working hours to avoid rush hour and/or doing some homeworking" 

Resources: "Discussion with line manager, using flexible working policies or reasonable adjustments, and perhaps seek Occupational Health advice.

Please get in touch if you are a patient at the Service and need support to use these worksheets or to address specific employment-related issues.



Employment with Fatigue and Pain Online Course