Nutrition & Dietetics Inherited Metabolic Diseases

Inherited Metabolic Diseases

Suzanne Ford and Simone Whiteway specialize in managing the diets of people with Inherited Metabolic Diseases (IMDs). These are a group of genetic conditions that vary in severity and rarity, and which for some, diet is the primary and often only treatment.

IMDs can result in a dangerous imbalance of chemicals in the blood, which can lead to disabilities, organ damage or damage to the unborn baby. Some of the conditions we help manage include phenylketonuria (PKU) and other amino acidopathies, fatty acid oxidation defects, glycogen storage disorders, disorders of carbohydrate metabolism, organic acidurias, peroxisomal defects, fish odour syndrome and many others. 

We aim to educate patients and their families, carers and other health professionals on the dietary management, food preparation, specialist prescriptions and complex food choices needed in treating these disorders.

Our service is primarily outpatient based, working as a part of the consultant led clinic, and working closely with all members of the IMD team.

If you feel you would benefit from seeing an IMD dietitian, please ask your Inherited Metabolic Disease team or your Consultant Chemical Pathologist. 

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Nutrition & Dietetics Inherited Metabolic Diseases