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Food Allergy & Intolerance

Allergic reactions can be triggered by food. They can be very severe reactions or cause delayed symptoms.

Diagnosis can be made with a combination of blood and skin tests, diet challenges and diet restrictions. Your GP may be able to diagnose your food allergy or you may be referred to an immunologist. The Dietitian can be involved in the diagnosis of food intolerances.

Food allergies and intolerances are managed by dietary manipulation through the exclusion of the food which is causing the reaction. The dietitian helps in diagnosing, educating and supporting the patient:

  • In following food restrictions
  • Identifying and treating possible nutritional deficiencies
  • Providing a link between the patient and their GP
  • Providing information on external specialist agencies

Find out more about the North Bristol Trust Allergy, Immunology & Immunogenetics

If you feel you would benefit from seeing a dietitian, please ask your GP or Immunology consultant to refer to us.

Information on referring for clinicians

Please note this service is for adults only. See the Paediatric Nutrition & Dietetic for information on children & allergies.

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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

HIV is a virus that affects the immune system.

It can be diagnosed through a blood test by your GP, local specialist services, sexual health clinics or local support charities.

If you have been diagnosed with HIV you will be referred to specialist services.

Within this service a Dietitian helps educate and support by:

  •  Providing nutritional support with eating and drinking
  • Providing long term lifestyle change support
  • Identifying and treating possible nutritional deficiencies

Contact the Terrence Higgins Trust for more information about HIV.

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