Nutrition & Dietetics Team

We are a team of Registered Dietitians providing nutrition and dietetic services to patients at Southmead Hospital Bristol and the surrounding communities of Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Most of the dietitians have undertaken additional study and have experience and expertise in a specialist area of work in addition to undertaking general dietetic work.

Head of Nutrition and Dietetics

Katherine Barker
Specialties: Immunology

Team Leaders

Kaylee Sayer – Speciality: Burns Care and Critical Care

Amy Greenhough – Speciality: Renal Team Lead

Rowan Clemente – Speciality: Neurosurgery and Critical Care

Kathryn Campbell - Speciality: Neurosurgery


Bridie Watson – Gastroenterology and Eating Disorders Lead

Sarah McKenna – Gastroenterology Dietitian

Claire Downer – Specialist Dietitian


Faye Cochrane - Diabetes Specialist Dietitian


Sally Darby – Specialist Dietitian

Lindsey Milligan – Acute Stroke Care

Laura Herlihy – Specialist Dietitian

Kathryn Campbell – Neurosurgery and Critical Care

Frances Greer – Neurosurgery and Critical Care


Victoria Jane  Macmillan Speciality Lead

Abi Nickless - Macmillan Specialist Dietitian

Rachel Geal – Macmillan Dietitian Support

Metabolic Disorders

Suzanne Ford  Adult Metabolic Disease Lead

Simone Whiteway – Specialist Dietitian


Jess Gutteridge  Critical Care and Respiratory

General Medical

Kate Vaughan – General Medical Dietitian 

Daina Wilson – General Medical Dietitian 

Jill Boyd – General Medical Dietitian 

Critical care

Stephen Taylor – Critical Care and Research Lead

Claire Downer – Specialist Dietitian

Jess Gutteridge  Critical Care and Respiratory

Rowan Clemente – Neurosurgery and Critical Care

Danielle Milne – Critical Care

Frances Greer – Neurosurgery and Critical Care

Emily Lovegrove – Critical Care

Georgia Kemp - Burns Care and Critical Care


Kaylee Sayer – Burns Care and Critical Care

Georgia Kemp - Burns Care and Critical Care


Claire Downer – Specialist Dietitian

Suzy Owen - Specialist Dietitian


Amy Greenhough – Renal Lead

Daisy Worthington - Renal Dietitian

Kiera Sneddon - Renal Dietitian

Sophia Cornelius - Renal Dietitian

Fiona Hunter – Renal Dietitian

Clare Gallimore – Renal Dietitian

Rebecca Dunigan – Renal Dietitian


Dafydd Wilson-Evans – Bariatric Dietitian

Jen Dacombe – Bariatric Dietitian

Karen Coulman – Bariatric Dietitian

Marie Bird - Bariatric Dietitian

Rachel Elliott – Bariatric Dietitian


Vickie Bevan - NICU Dietitian

Admin Team

Carolyn Power – Admin Team Leader and Dietetic Assistant

Joanne Lindsay – Admin Clerk

Dietetic Assistants

Eve Chan – Dietetic Assistant

Maya Harvey – Dietetic Assistant


Contact Nutrition & Dietetics

Kendon House
Kendon Way
Southmead Hospital
Telephone: 0117 4145428

Nutrition & Dietetics Team