Nutrition & Dietetics Neurology

The dietitians at North Bristol NHS Trust provide a neurology clinic at Southmead Hospital and Cossham Hospital, twice per month on Thursday afternoons. Referrals are received from the neurology consultants.

Patients who attend this clinic are likely to have been diagnosed with one of the following neurological conditions:

The dietitian’s role is to assess, educate and support. 
When you attend your appointment the specialist neurology dietitian will:

  • Ask you about your medical condition, medications, investigations and symptoms
  • Assess your weight and monitor weight changes
  • Assess your current diet and fluid intake, ensuring that any nutritional deficiences are identified
  • Advise on methods of promoting/reducing weight or reducing symptoms
  • Recommend nutritional supplementation as appropriate
  • Provide information on alternative methods of feeding such as via a gastrostomy (PEG/RIG) tube
  • Provide a link between you, your GP, allied health professional and consultant

Further information can be found at the British Dietetic Association website.

Contact Nutrition & Dietetics

Gate 10, Level 6, Brunel building, Southmead Hospital Bristol
Telephone: 0117 4145428

Nutrition & Dietetics Neurology