Nutrition & Dietetics Neurology

The dietitians at North Bristol NHS Trust provide a neurology clinic at Southmead Hospital twice per month on Thursday mornings. 

Patients who attend this clinic are likely to have been diagnosed with one of the following neurological conditions:

The dietitian’s role is to assess, educate and support. 
When you attend your appointment the specialist neurology dietitian will:

  • Ask you about your medical condition, medications, investigations and symptoms
  • Assess your weight and monitor weight changes
  • Assess your current diet and fluid intake, ensuring that any nutritional deficiencies are identified
  • Advise on methods of promoting/reducing weight or reducing symptoms
  • Recommend nutritional supplementation as appropriate
  • Provide information on alternative methods of feeding such as via a gastrostomy (PEG/RIG) tube
  • Provide a link between you, your GP, allied health professional and consultant

Other conditions where you may be seen by a neurology dietitian include:

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

If you have one of these conditions and you feel you would benefit from seeing a dietitian, please ask your GP or Neurology consultant to refer to us.

Information on referring for clinicians

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Contact Nutrition & Dietetics

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Telephone: 0117 414 5428 


Nutrition & Dietetics Neurology