Rheumatology Team

Our Rheumatology Department is a multidisciplinary team consisting of Consultant Rheumatologists as well as Specialist Registrars training in Rheumatology, Specialist Pharmacists, Specialist Nurses, Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapists, Clinical Psychologists and Orthotics.

Consultant Rheumatologists

All our Consultant Rheumatologists are specialists in rheumatoid arthritis and other types of inflammatory arthritis.

Prof Emma Clark
General rheumatology and specialises in metabolic bone disease

Secretary – Jessica Goodwin – 0117 414 2849 – jessica.goodwin@nbt.nhs.uk

Dr Lynsey Clarke (Clinical Lead)
General rheumatology and early inflammatory arthritis

Southmead – Pamela Stone0117 414 2851 pamela.stone@nbt.nhs.uk
Cossham – Caroline Reed0117 414 5140 – caroline.reed@nbt.nhs.uk

Dr Harsha Gunawardena
General Rheumatology and specialises Connective Tissue Diseases and vasculitis. NMSK Clinical Director North Bristol NHS Trust.

Southmead – Pamela Stone0117 414 2851 – pamela.stone@nbt.nhs.uk
Cossham – Caroline Reed0117 414 5140 – caroline.reed@nbt.nhs.uk

Dr Philip Hamann
General Rheumatology, Early Inflammatory Arthritis and digital healthcare.

Southmead – Elizabeth Emery0117 4142850elizabeth.emery@nbt.nhs.uk
Cossham – Caroline Reed0117 4145140 – caroline.reed@nbt.nhs.uk

Dr Nicola Minaur
General Rheumatology and specialises in Young Adult care (transitioning from child to adult care) and musculoskeletal ultrasound.

Southmead – Elizabeth Emery0117 414 2850elizabeth.emery@nbt.nhs.uk
Cossham – Caroline Reed0117 414 5140 – caroline.reed@nbt.nhs.uk

Dr Sam Patel
General Rheumatology and specialises in vasculitis and Behcet's Syndrome and acute medicine. Medical Director, North Bristol NHS Trust

Secretary – Sarah Thomas0117 414 1140 – sarah.thomas@nbt.nhs.uk

Dr John Pauling
General Rheumatology and specialises in Connective Tissue Diseases and vasculitis

Secretary: Southmead – Pamela Stone0117 414 2851 – pamela.stone@nbt.nhs.uk

Dr Fang En Sin

General Rheumatology and specialises in vasculitis and giant cell arteritis (GCA)

Secretary - Wendy Parades Echevarria – 0117 414 2853 – wendy.paradesechevarria@nbt.nhs.uk

Prof Jon Tobias
Specialises in osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease

SouthmeadJessica Goodwin - 0117 414 2849 – jessica.goodwin@nbt.nhs.uk

Dr Sarah Villar
General Rheumatology and specialises in vasculitis and giant cell arteritis (GCA)

Cossham – Caroline Reed0117 414 5140 – caroline.reed@nbt.nhs.uk

Specialist nurses

You may see the Rheumatology Nurses and Specialist Pharmacist in an outpatient appointment. 

We have a nurse led rheumatology advice line which provides advice, support and information for patients in between hospital visits. We provide education about the disease process, medication, coping and self management, employment issues and injection technique. We can also coordinate with the wider multi-disciplinary team regarding any questions you may have.

We answer queries Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. This is an answer machine service, please leave a message with your name, date of birth and contact number. We aim to return your call within 48 working hours but this may be longer during times of increased pressure. 

Alison Bayliss

Felicity Ferris

Elaine McCormack

Wendy Rees

Kreshma Summerhayes

Contact Rheumatology Advice Line: 0117 414 0600 (this is an answer machine service, please leave a message)
Email: rheumatologyadviceline@nbt.nhs.uk

If you need urgent advice out of hours then please call NHS 111

Administration Assistants

Harry Molton
Telephone: 0117 414 2855

Shantelle Walter
Telephone: 0117 414 1617

Lynsey Vining

Specialist Pharmacists

Emily Rose-Parfitt, Consultant Pharmacist

Nidhimol Matthews, Specialist Pharmacist

Ian Lau, Specialist Pharmacist

Telephone Rheumatology Advice Line: 0117 414 0600 (this is an answer machine service, please leave a message.)
Email: rheumatologyadviceline@nbt.nhs.uk


We run specialist group classes for people with ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis and other inflammatory conditions, as well as tailor-made one-to-one physiotherapy treatments. We provide information and advice about your condition, teaching you what symptoms to expect and how to manage them. We guide you how to recognise and manage a flare, when to rest and when to exercise, and how to modify activities to protect your joints. We will teach you safe stretching and strengthening exercises, to increase movement and strength and maintain function. There is a rheumatology gym and a hydrotherapy pool at Level 1, Southmead Hospital Bristol.


Rachel Lewis

Georgia Smyth

Charles sweet

Jack Wetherbee

Nicola Lewis

Physiotherapy Technicians:

Shane Griffiths

Ana Puentes Rodriguez  
Telephone: 0117 414 4413

Occupational therapists

We provide advice and aids to enable you to participate fully in everyday life activities. We run group and one-to-one patient education sessions in self-management skills like joint protection, pacing, energy conservation, and relaxation. We provide a specialist splinting service for patients with upper limb problems.

Jenny Philpott – Lead Occupational Therapist - Rheumatology

Louise Clements – Specialist Occupational Therapist – Ortho Hands

Joanna Bartlett – Occupational Therapist

Hannah Woodrow – Occupational Therapist

Joanne Freeth – Occupational Therapy Assistant

Email: OccTherapy.Rheum@nbt.nhs.uk   (we aim to return your query within 24 working hours)

If you do not have access to email and wish to talk to a member of our dedicated admin team you can call: 

General Therapies Admin on 0117 413131      or 

Occupational Therapy Admin on 07593 100286 

Appointment related queries can be emailed to 



Clinical Psychology

Adjusting to an arthritis can be a challenge and may affect people emotionally at different times. Physical and emotional well-being are closely linked. If a person finds they are struggling emotionally, it may be useful to have some additional support from a Psychologist. This would be alongside the usual support from other members of the Rheumatology Team.

Psychologists can offer support with: self-management; coping with ongoing fatigue or pain; worries about taking medication; emotions that have become more of a problem, such as anxiety, low mood or anger; stress; relationship difficulties or work related difficulties. This might include thinking about other factors that might be impacting on physical and emotional well-being, such as bereavement or stress related concerns.

Dr Kate Druette, clinical psychologist
Dr Tijana Vranes, clinical psychologist
Dr Virginia Guy, counselling psychologist
Telephone: 0117 414 2855
Email: RheumatologyPsychology@nbt.nhs.uk

Contact Rheumatology

Rheumatology Advice Line: 0117 4140600 (this is an answer machine service, please leave a message.)
Email: rheumatologyadviceline@nbt.nhs.uk

DXA Scan Appointments: 0117 4147874


The staff are extremely professional, understanding and sympathetic to my needs.

Patient Satisfaction Survey 2012

To cancel or reschedule your outpatient appointment

Please call 0300 555 0103 to discuss, change or cancel your appointment. 

Or email: outpatientscallcentre


If you have symptoms that include a new and continuous cough and/or high temperature, you should not attend your appointment. Visit www.nhs.uk/coronavirus for the latest advice. 

If you do not have symptoms, please attend your appointment as usual.

Rheumatology Team