Mindfulness 2

This page contains all of the course materials you need to support you once you have attended Session Two of the North Bristol NHS Trust Mindfulness course. Each week of the course has it's own page where  you will find the specific practice recordings for that week plus some additional written and sometimes video information.

Course materials

Session 2 recordings to practice at home:

15 minute body scan: https://soundcloud.com/fiona-mckechnie108681984/15-min-body-scan-fiona-wright/s-OcfX3

30 minute body scan: https://soundcloud.com/fiona-mckechnie108681984/half-hour-body-scan-fiona-wright/s-1NJPz

Landing/anchoring 10 minutes: https://soundcloud.com/fiona-mckechnie108681984/arrivallanding-practice-10-mins/s-hW1hz8wClD4

Workbooks and handouts

You can click on the links to download the written materials which support the course. We have made each one available as a Word document or a pdf as we know that some people prefer one or another. The Word document is likely to be more useful if you want to write comments on your own copy and store them on your own computer.

Workbooks outline the practice and other activities for the week and have the option of recording and reflecting on what you are learning (you will need to use this one).

Handouts explain more about the background theory (this one is optional).