Therapy eRehab - Forearm Function

Video 1 - Doing up laces

In a seated position, tie up the laces on both your shoes. Afterwards, untie them again. If it is too difficult to reach down to your feet, you can place some shoes on a table in front of you.

Video 2- Holding and sensing objects

Ask a caregiver when your eyes are closed to place everyday objects one at a time into your hand. Spend several seconds feeling the item, the texture, weight and temperature. Try to guess what the item is. Note down how many you’re able to identify.

You can do this on your own by feeling everyday objects in your affected hand with your eyes closed and concentrating for several seconds on how they feel.

Video 3 - Holding weights

In sitting with your eyes closed ask a caregiver to place a light object into your hand. Try to sense the weight of the object for a few seconds. Next switch to a heavy item, again feel its weight. Repeat the sequence; try to determine which object is heavier.

Video 4 - Picking up coins

Sit at a table with some coins laid out in front of you. Stack the coins with your affected hand. Then carefully remove them one by one.
Tip: You can vary the difficulty by using bigger or smaller coins.

Video 5 - Pouring water

Sit a table with two cups, one empty and one with some water in it. Hold the empty cup in your affected hand and the cup with water in the other hand. Pour the water back and forth between the cups, trying to keep both cups steady and not spilling any.
Tip: You can vary the amount of water in the cup to adjust the difficulty.

Video 6 - Ripping paper

Take some scrap paper. Practice picking the paper up with your affected hand and arm. Then ripping it into strips. Practice doing it with your affected hand and arm doing the ripping action and then holding it still while the unaffected side does the ripping

Video 7 - Undoing and doing up zip

Sit in a chair wearing a zip up top or coat. Practice zipping up and down the top. Make sure to completely unzip and unfasten the zip each time.

Video 8 - Undoing and doing up buttons

Sit in a chair wearing a button up shirt. Practice buttoning up and buttoning down the shirt. Make sure buttons go in the correct hole.
Tip: You can vary the difficulty by using shirts with bigger or smaller buttons.

Video 9 - Using scissors

If your dominant hand has been affected. Take a pair of scissors and practice cutting paper. Start by just cutting simple strips, but make it harder by cutting out pictures and shapes to gain better control.

Video 10 Functional UL tasks – cutting up

Position yourself at a table, ensure that the plate or chopping board is secure. Using a knife and folk practice cutting up softer items such as a banana or bread and progress to cutting up tougher textures such as toast.

Therapy eRehab - Forearm Function