Therapy eRehab - Upper Limb Range of Motion

Video 1 - UL stretch – Fingers

1st Exercise: Position yourself sitting to a table. Place your flat on the table and open your fingers out and bring them back together again.

2nd Exercise: Sitting to a table keep your wrist on your affected hand in contact with the table and place an empty plastic bottle (for example empty water bottle) near your fingers. Extend your fingers out as straight as you can, try to knock the bottle over.

Repeat as instructed by your Therapist.

Video 2 - UL stretch wrist

In sitting, interlink your fingers and gently bend your wrists back and forth to allow a gentle stretch.

Place your hand flat on the table and gently bend your wrist whilst leaning forward.

TIP: If you notice some active movement in your affected wrist position your wrist over a cylindrical object (i.e. water bottle) and left your wrist up into neutral and beyond if able. You can position a pen or straw on your wrist, hold in place with your unaffected hand and try to aim to touch the pen/straw and aim or this target

Video 3- UL WB in sitting with you unaffected mark.

Standing at a flat surface place the palm and fingers of your affected hand on the surface. Complete an activity with your unaffected hand e.g. picking up coins, this will help your affect arm to act as a pivot as a strengthening and stretching exercise.

Therapy eRehab - Upper Limb Range of Motion