Therapy eRehab - Upper Limb Co-ordination

Video 1 - Functional UL task – Folding a Towel

Sit at a table with an unfolded pillow case or towel in front of you. Pick up the corners of the towel, one in each hand, and fold it in half.
Tip: You can increase the difficulty by folding other objects such as t-shirts.

Video 2- Handwriting tasks letters and numbers

Practice writing using your affected hand. You could sign your name, write about your day, keep or diary of your rehab or copy from books and newspapers if you cannot think of what to write. 
Tip: If you wouldn’t usually write with this hand. Don’t expect your writing to be perfect.
Tip: Using a fatter pen will make handwriting easier. You can get comfort grips which also help
Tip: Sign and date all your handwriting practice – this way you will be able to see your progress

Video 3 - Handwriting tasks shapes

As part of your handwriting rehab you can practice tracing around shapes. Larger simpler shapes will be easier than smaller more complex multi sided shapes.

Tip: Using a fatter pen will make handwriting easier. You can get comfort grips which also help.

Video 4 - Handwriting tasks lines

Try drawing lines, straight lines, vertical, horizontal, diagonal. Now try wavy lines, or zigzags.
Or try writing a line of the same letter joined up and work your way through the alphabet.

Video 5 - Reaching task - Cone placement

Similar to cup waiter:
Sit at a table and mark 4 targets, you could use tape or paper with targets drawn on. Begin with an empty cup on the table and your affected hand in your lap. Reach for the cup, pick it up and move it to one of the targets. 

Tip: Try to grab the cup from the side as though you were going to drink from it.

Video 6 - Reaching task - Jenga large

Sitting comfortably at a table, place three Jenga cones in front of you within extended reach. One to the left, right and one in front.

Pick up each and stack on the middle Jenga cone, do the same in reverse.

TIP: Keep your back in contact with the chair to avoid leaning forward, try to avoid leaning to the side, ensure that when reaching your elbows are held out straight.

Video 7 - Reaching task - Jenga small

Sitting comfortably at the table with Jenga blocks within extended reach, practice picking up Jenga blocks and stack. 

TIP: Keep you back in contact with the chair to avoid leaning forward. Avoid leaning to the side and try to only use your arm, ensuring that your elbows are held straight.

Therapy eRehab - Upper Limb Co-ordination