Therapy eRehab - Orthotics

Video 1 - Orthotic donning and doffing – AFO

-Open all straps to maximum end point
-Slide foot in proper AFO, placing heel firmly down and back into the heel cup
-Fasten instep strap (on Dream Brace) to provide a firm but comfortable hold of the ankle preventing unwanted lifting of the heel from the heel cup
-Place lower leg into shell (either in front of or behind leg), and again fasten strap to provide the same level of security as noted previously
-Open shoe to maximum slackness and slide foot with AFO into shoe (shoe horns may be used)
-Secure shoe
-Loosen shoe and remove from foot
-Loosen all straps on the orthosis and remove from foot

Video 2 - Orthotic donning and doffing – Poly sling

Open out the ‘Gutter’ piece of fabric, line your elbow into the corner and fasten the straps over your forearm. Next with you affected arm resting on your stomach reach the longest strap around your neck attaching it to the white loop by your hand. Lastly repeat the above step with the remaining strap wrapping it around your torso.

Video 3 - Orthotic donning and doffing – Resting hand splint

Place the splint on a flat level surface. Lift your affected hand onto the splint. Ensure that you have fabric correctly placed between each of your finger and the heel of your hand is snug against the angle of the splint. Follow the numbers on the straps wrapping them tightly around your hand and wrist.

Video 4 - Orthotic donning and doffing  - Shoulder brace

- Grasp the shoulder strap with your sound hand and hold the orthosis by the edge of the shoulder cap. 
- Guide the paralysed arm through the orthosis up to the shoulder.
- Guide the sound hand through the shoulder strap as though putting on a sweater.
- Make sure the shoulder strap does not twist as you pull it on.
- Fasten the closure on the shoulder cuff. Make sure it fits firmly but is not too tight.
- Position the elbow opening of the lower arm cuff on the elbow. Then fasten the hook-and-loop closure.
- Tighten the straps between the forearm and upper arm cuffs, and secure them with hook-and-loop fastener.
- Tighten the shoulder strap last. This is done either from the back to the front or the front to the back, depending on how the strap was set up for you by your O&P professional.
- Verify the correct fit of the Omo Neurexa plus.
- To take off the Omo Neurexa plus, open all closures to the maximum. This also makes the orthosis ready to put on again with minimal effort.
- Open the plastic closure on the chest last and pull the orthosis down.

Therapy eRehab - Orthotics