SNAHPer Group

Research Peer support group

SNAHPer’s Group (Scientists, Nurses, Allied Health Professional early researchers Group)

Introducing NBT peer support for early years/new researchers.

There are many people at NBT undertaking Master and Doctorate level study, or wanting to start their research careers.  As a University post-graduate student, people are part of a full-time research community, meeting in shared study areas, and forming informal peer support networks.  They are also supported by a post-graduate department who host events and provide training opportunities.

As full-time scientists, nurses, and allied health professionals undertaking research these support networks historically have not been present within NBT.  SNAHPer aims are to rectify this. 
Our plan to give every individual a sense of belonging to an early career researcher peer community.  Research suggests that accessing this group support increases the likelihood of:

  • completing a post-graduate degree,
  • a greater likelihood of completing in good time and
  • a greater likelihood of having a more enjoyable and less stressful journey (Conrad, 2006).

We have already developed a draft programme of workshops and events to support any SNAHPer within the trust.  This support maps directly onto the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (the UK’s national organisation for researcher development).  As a member of SNAHPer, you will be encouraged to work with your supervisory team (within your registered HEI, if registered for a formal educational program) in using the Researcher Development Framework to identify your own goals and skill levels, enabling you to engage with targeted training and development activities, with them and within NBT.

We hope that members will take advantage of the fortnightly peer support sessions, initially to be held in the Café area of Vu (Brunel Building), where Senior Research Associate Dr Sam Harding, and other SNAHPer’s will be available to discuss such topics as project ideas, sign post different routes to furthering your research careers, and how to disseminate the work you have already undertaken.  

In addition the group will run a series of workshops to introduce you to different areas of research methods, and skills.  The development of these future sessions will be dependent on the engagement from the SNAHPer’s group and their identification of need.

As a CAHPR Connector Dr Sam Harding regularly attends events designed to support AHP developed and led research.


Conrad, L. 2006. “Countering Isolation—Joining the Research Community.” In Doctorates Downunder: Keys to Successful Doctoral Study in Australia and New Zealand, edited by C. Denholm and T. Evans, 34–40. Camberwell, VIC: Acer Press