Managing Your Award

At North Bristol NHS Trust Springboard awards are subject to the agreement of the following terms and conditionsDownload Springboard Fund terms and conditions.pdf.

If you wish to make an amendment to your study, please complete the Springboard amendment form.doc and submit to the Research & Innovation office.  Amendments will be reviewed and a decision made on whether it can proceed.

Amendments include, but are not excluded to:

  • Changes to the allocation of funding
  • Changes to the scientific integrity of the study (accompanying ethics approval letter)
  • PI or co-applicant changes
  • Additional funding sources identified to support the project

Please note, requests for an  increase in award amount will not normally be agreed.

From Round 7 onwards, all NBT Springboard recipients will be required to present at our seminar series mid-way through their project. Download Springboard presentation template slides.