Research Personnel

Can I have access to North Bristol NHS Trust patients, staff or data?

Yes, although all research personnel involved in a study need to have appropriate Access Permissions in place to access NBT participants, staff or data.

What Access Permissions will I need?

All contracts for staff employed by NBT or who hold an Honorary Contract with NBT will be checked to ensure pre-engagement checks and training are commensurate with the role of the researcher, the type of research and the duty of care. 

Additional pre-engagement checks may still be needed for researchers who do not need an Honorary research Contract. Non-NBT staff will need appropriate Access Permissions in order to conduct research involving NBT participants, staff or data. In order to gain access to North Bristol NHS Trust, you will need to provide either:

  • A current Research Passport
  • A copy of a current Honorary Contract with another NHS Trust, (covering intended study participant type)

The NBT R&I office will determine what level of Access will be granted and what further checks will be required.