My Role in Research – Elizabeth Goff, Research Administrator, Emergency and Critical Care

Liz Goff My Role In Research

Elizabeth Goff has been a Research Administrator in the Emergency and Critical Care Research team since August 2017. She appreciates how her role offers variety and challenge while fitting around her family commitments.


My role is flexible and family-friendly

I love being part of a supportive and friendly team – it’s very important to me. I worked in Finance full-time before joining NBT, but they couldn’t offer me a way of working that fitted me once I’d had my daughter. I was really pleased to find this part-time role within the NHS, as I have always had an interest in the NHS and caring for people. My background is in graphic design, but I’ve always been interested in medicine and admin work. 

I like that there’s structure to my role, but also variety 

You never know quite what’s going to happen day-to-day. Typically, I look after our join inbox, teams, GP letters, looking after documentation, keep up-to date with the research database, assist with trial self-monitoring and manage external monitors coming in. But sometimes I get a big job and have to drop everything. It’s never dull!

It's interesting being part of an organisation at the forefront of vaccine research

I worked on several COVID-related research studies during the pandemic. It brought people together from different departments and increased awareness and understanding of research.

I’d say the most interesting research study I’ve been involved in relates to community-acquired pneumonia

RemapCAP is a global ICU study looking at different treatments for pneumonia. It was pacy work as it continued during COVID, when it became highly relevant. I carried out regular amendments to the trial and made sure all the patient information sheets and consent forms were up to date.

I enjoy being someone people can come to with challenges

I like to help the team work well together accommodate different working styles. Because I work part-time, I have to be organised to keep on top of the workload.

Last year I applied to go on secondment, to see a different side of research

I worked across the sponsorship and facilitation teams and I really enjoyed that time and got a change of perspective. It was a very dynamic environment and I learned so much that I was able to bring back to my team. I got more involved with the research database, creating reports on the studies we’re running, contacting sponsors, and closing off trials. 

It was a good opportunity for me to grow in my role.

If you’re thinking about working in research, or for the NHS, I’d say go for it! 

It opens so many doors. You get helped with training if you’re new to research and you get supported in your development. There’s opportunity to move around to different departments too.

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My Role in Research – Elizabeth Goff, Research Administrator, Emergency and Critical Care