Covid-19 Research

Covid-19 research at North Bristol NHS Trust

Here at NBT we have a dedicated research team who are part of a national effort working alongside NHS Trusts and other research organisations across the country to help us understand and to ensure we can get the best possible treatments for our patients.
As the virus affects so many different people from different populations.  We are running a number of different trials, looking a different treatment options for different patients, so we make sure we get the best care for these different groups of people.
We are also looking at the impact on infection on both mother and baby during pregnancy.
We are really proud of both our staff and patients who are supporting us through this difficult time and proud that we are part of the national effort to find an effective treatment for this virus.


Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Becca Smith the Head of Research for North Bristol NHS Trust.

Research is one of the government's three key strategies for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently there is no known treatment for this disease and research is helping to answer this question. We're working alongside other research organisations and NHS trusts across the country to ensure that we can get the best answers and the best treatments to our patients.

We've created a dedicated Covid-19 research team here and working closely with pathology and pharmacy across all areas of the organisation to give as many patients as possible an opportunity to join in this research.

We're running a number of trials looking at different treatments for Covid-19. The disease infects so many different people from different patient populations that we're currently looking at different treatment options for different patients so we can make sure we get the best care across all different groups. We're also looking at the impact of infection during pregnancy on both mother and infant and we're looking at improving diagnostics opportunities across the patch as well.

We're really proud of the commitment we've shown within this organisation to supporting this research during this difficult time and I'm happy that we're going to be part of the answer to these questions.

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