Our Research Specialties

North Bristol NHS Trust’s research success is based on our position as world leaders in a number of clinical fields, including: 

Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care: The team design, run and support a number of nationwide research themes to ensure that our patients receive the care they need before, during and after their surgery.
Current studies include, patient care around the time of emergency surgery; ways to improve recovery from surgery for elderly patients and establishing for which patients (local) anaesthesia provide better outcomes than general anaesthesia.

Breastcare :

The Breastcare Centre at NBT offers patients, and people at risk of developing breast cancer, excellent patient centered care and the opportunity to participate in research.  The centre has had a successful research team in place for a number of years delivering complex interventional studies.

Cancer: We diagnose over 3,000 new cases of cancer and treat approximately 5000 new and recurrent cancers each year, making us one of largest cancer centres in the South West. The clinical trials team at North Bristol NHS Trust co-ordinates and support the delivery of clinical trials across a variety of cancers including, Haematology, Urology, Brain, Head & Neck, Upper Gastro Inrestinal, Colorectal, Breast, Lung & Skin cancer

Diabetes and obesity: The dedicated research team has an outstanding record in study delivery. Winners of the coveted Pharmaceutical Times Clinical Research Site of the Year award. The team have established innovative relationships with GP practices to help ensure every study is able to recruit to time and target.

Dementia resarch

Infection: The Trust’s research group in antimicrobial chemotherapy (BCARE) have a track record spanning 45 years of excellence and international and national leadership in antibacterial therapeutics.  In recent years this has expanded to encompass the impact of diagnostics on clinical outcomes.  The Group have numerous links to commercial funders and an extensive international network of research collaborators.


Our neurosciences service is world leading in a number of clinical and research specialities include stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Huntington’s disease.  They work with National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) networks to deliver research excellence for patients with complex and varied needs.

Renal: North Bristol NHS Trust is a centre of excellence for the delivery of care for people with renal impairment. Our experienced research team works collaboratively with a number of other research teams including diabetes and cancer to deliver cross-functional complex studies in addition to studies focused solely within the renal service.

Respiratory: With over 15 years of commercial and non-commercial research. The research team led by Professor Maskell is one of the largest and most successful clinical and academic pleural research teams in the UK. For nearly a decade they have been designing and delivering practice-changing clinic trials, improving the lives of patients with mesothelioma, pleural infection, and pneumothorax.They have tested new devices designed to manage recurrent pleural effusions and pneumothorax, including a first in human trial which led to an international multi-centre randomised controlled trial (SEAL-MPE trial). The multidisciplinary team includes highly skilled and motivated research nurses, managers, clinical research fellows and clinical academics. The team has also successfully been awarded research grants of more than £5million.

Trauma: The Trauma Research team undertake both commercial and non-commercial, national and international, device and ctIMP studies. An integral part of South West Regional Trauma Centre based at NBT, this highly skilled team are able to include patients in the crucial early phases post traumatic injury in a sensitive and caring manner.


Having delivered clinical excellence and research innovation working collaboratively with both drug and device companies, the North Bristol NHS Trust urology department now delivers the clinical service for the whole Bristol area increasing both our clinical and research potential. The department has an enviable position focussing world leading clinicians, dedicated research staff and a patient population invested in the development of future treatment options. 

Musculoskeletal: The Bristol University Musculoskeletal research team are based at North Bristol NHS Trust.  This partnership enables clinicians and researchers to closely collaborate both locally and internationally to deliver high quality research based on our multidisciplinary expertise. The Avon Orthopaedic Centre has a long history of being one of the leading centres in the country for research and innovation in orthopaedic care.

Women & ChildrenThe Women and Children’s Research Unit conducts research that aims to improve the care of women and children using Obstetrics and Gynaecology services. This includes pre-conception services though to postnatal care. The Unit collaborates widely with other disciplines and professions, as well as with women and their companions, to develop ground-breaking research and care, for our patients and throughout the NHS.