Professor Paul Abrams - Urology

GMC number: 1449543

Professor Paul Abrams

Year & location of first qualification: 1970 Sheffield University

Specialty: Urology

Clinical interests: These included the assessment and management of Female and Male Lower urinary tract conditions and diseases such as urinary incontinence and prostatic obstruction.

Administrator: Karen Evely Bristol Urological Institute

Secretary phone number: 0117 414 7942

Extensive research record with, over 700 publications and more than 62,000 citations of papers of which I am an author and an “h” number of 104. Currently involved in research and teaching as well as health improvement programmes for NHS England (Chair of Bladder Working Group) and Bladder and Bowel Confidence (Associate Director) the Bristol Health Partners Health Integration Team

Life or honorary member of the major urological organisations worldwide.

Professor Paul Abrams - Urology