Mr Dominic Ayers - Plastic Surgery


Mr Dominic Ayers

GMC number: 4090155

Year of first qualification: 1994, Cambridge University

Specialty: Plastic Surgery

Clinical interest: Skin Cancer, Dermoscopy, Management of melanoma 

Secretary: Joanne Hawkins

Telephone: 0117 414 7607

Mr Dominic Ayers is a specialist in skin cancer and skin lesions within the Plastic Surgery Department at North Bristol NHS Trust.

All of Dominic Ayers’ elective practice in plastic surgery is skin lesions and skin cancer. An important part of this is the Pigmented Lesion Clinic, where patients are referred direct from their GPs.

He has further regular clinics where he see patients with skin lesions and skin cancer who are referred by their GP but also sent on from Dermatology colleagues with whom he works closely.

His particular interests are dermoscopy, management of melanoma and care of the elderly with skin cancer. 

Mr Ayers outpatient clinics are held both in Bath and North Bristol.

Mr Dominic Ayers - Plastic Surgery