Professor Elizabeth Coulthard - Neurology

Dr Elizabeth CoulthardGMC Number: 4634069

Year & location of first qualification: 1999, London

Specialty: Neurology 

Clinical interest: Cognition and dementia

Secretary: Helen Selman

Telephone: 0117 414 6691

Professor Elizabeth Coulthard trained to become a neurologist in Oxford, London and Bristol. 

Since 2011, Professor Elizabeth Coulthard has developed a multidisciplinary cognitive disorders clinic. The clinic specialises in early diagnosis of the different diseases that results in dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. The clinic also offers a range of treatments including a Brain Health lifestyle advice clinic. Clinical research is at the heart of the clinic’s practice and offers a range of treatment trials. Professor Elizabeth Coulthard’s academic research aims to better understand sleep and brain health in order to develop future treatments.

Professor Elizabeth Coulthard - Neurology